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Import Control System (ICS) / Export Control System (ECS)

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Import Control System (ICS) / Export Control System (ECS)

From Gateway you have a direct connection to Single Window, without intermediaries or hubs and you can also use the entered data for completing your Dossier, Transit, AGS, EMCS and Invoicing. Read more about Single Window here.

Import Control System (ICS)

When you bring goods into the Customs territory of the EU, you must follow the procedure for ICS (Entry). Customs checks and gards the safety of the movement of goods that crosses the external borders of the EU. Containers are selected for inspection on the basis of risk analysis. Customs can remove the relevant containers from the logistics chain and perform physical checks.

In Gateway you can create all documentation for bringing the goods into the country and send this documentation directly to Single Window.

Export Control System (ECS)

Goods that are (or will be) leaving the EU Customs territory are supervised by Customs. Goods may leave the customs territory of the Community in the following cases:

  • goods that have been placed under the Customs export procedure;
  • goods for which a re-export declaration or notification has been submitted;
  • goods that temporarily leave the customs territory of the European Community under the cover of an ATA Carnet;

Customs carries out the supervision with, among other things, the Export Control System (ECS). With ECS, Customs has a system that quickly determines whether goods declared for (re) export have left the European Union. This is done through electronic exchange of information between offices of export and offices of exit. This information includes:

  • the details of export shipments
  • confirmation that the goods have left the European Union (EU)

As a Trader at Exit (exporting party), you can easily make an arrival notification from Gateway and send it directly to Single Window. You can also submit the manifest electronically.

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