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More and more consumers order products via the internet. But it doesn’t stop there, the shipment has to be delivered as quickly as possible and the customer wants to know exactly when his shipment is due to arrive. To optimize the logistics process around e-commerce, Customs has launched the simplified declaration via VENUE.

The scheme is specifically intended for large numbers of e-commerce shipments. Thanks to this development you can submit your declaration faster and more efficiently. This way you can guarantee your customer the fastest service. With the Customs software from Gateway you can use this simplified method of declaration.

VENUE in combination with the GPA

Gateway has developed a unique solution: the VENUE in combination with additional declaration via the automated periodic declaration (GPA). By importing the data of the shipments directly into the declaration software, double entry is prevented. Automated validations can be carried out during the import, so that the completeness and accuracy of the data can be guaranteed.

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