Royal Wagenborg has been using the Customs part of GatewayV2 for some time. In 2012,was added for stevedores and storage and transhipment activities, Wagenborg Stevedoring Warehouse Management . In this way it became possible to manage the data for the goods flows within the same database and thus make a huge efficiency gain.

The project included interfaces with external parties, implementation of a stowage plan and automation of pilot processes. The project was implemented in addition to the customs clearance and financial module already in place. The scalability and flexibility was mentioned as one of the important reasons for managing both the customs document and the WMS from GatewayV2. See also the extensive case from 2012.

A new step: expansion of goods flows

The current project consists of the adjustment of generally applicable workflows, which can handle all types of goods flows at Wagenborg Stevedoring. It is delivered in such a way that Wagenborg can easily “arrange” new customers. In particular the automatic connection of all financial aspects of the system receives a lot of attention.

The status of goods quickly and clearly mapped

The great value addition of this project is mainly in the integration possibilities with other services such as Customs and agencies. In addition, the system has the flexibility to quickly and easily add new customers and goods flows and clarity and accessibility of the information about the goods. Accessibility is important for Wagenborg because it allows them to communicate with their customers about the status of goods within the process with a high degree of reliability.

Wagenborg Stevedoring has a warehouse area of ​​390,000 m2


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