Van der Helm is a total provider of logistics services. The family business focuses on both standard and tailor-made solutions, consisting of sea freight, air freight, road transport, storage and transfer and customs formalities. The flexible software from Gateway Software fits in well with this. It is not without reason that Van der Helm has been managing all logistics processes for more than 27 years with Gateway software.

Van der Helm was recently one of the first companies in the Netherlands to receive a permit to operate a VENUE scheme with Customs GPA. Ed Jansen – General Manager at Van der Helm, says:

“Doing a quick job for an e-commerce customer? No problem, we thought when we received a request. Nothing turned out to be less true. The job turned out not to be quick because we could not physically send more than 4000 shipments to customs without having an impact on the other customs processes. That had to be different. Customs saw a technical challenge with the growth of e-commerce packages. We saw an opportunity.

The software ready for VENUE

At Van der Helm, we have a very large Customs department with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. We have implemented the VENUE scheme in consultation with Customs. Always with the common goal of keeping logistical delays as small as possible. Thanks to this technological innovation, we are making the logistics process faster. But not just because we have had a long preliminary process in which we have realized a lot in consultation with Customs and Gateway. All noses in the chain had to go the same way before we could actually get started with VENUE declaration in advance. Only when everything was in order was we granted the permit.

Advantages for the logistical process

Thanks to the VENUE advance declaration you make the declaration before the aircraft is even there. Immediately upon unloading you already know which packages need to be checked. The speed is therefore incredible. And you can indicate an unlimited number of parcel shipments twice a day. But the biggest advantage of the VENUE scheme is that a separate declaration is made for all individual packages in the name of the consumer. No import duties and VAT have to be paid for low cost products. That is a huge saving.

Ahead of the future

What also helps enormously: the Gateway software has already been approved by Customs, which gives us a head start. The use of the new scheme is a major advantage for suppliers. You offer extra service for customers and you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. For us it’s a head start on what’s coming. We can certainly recommend the use of the VENUE scheme. It speeds up the logistics process and gives the possibility to declare an unlimited number of parcel shipments to Customs. And of course you need good software for that. We therefore recommend that you use the Gateway software in practice!